2nd Moscow International Conference «Molecular Phylogenetics MolPhy-2» Moscow, 18-21 May 2010
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The following hotels are recommended and listed in the order of increasing distance from the conference site. Please note that pricing is subject to change at the hotel discretion.

«University Student House» the University Main Building
(short overview in Russian only)

A limited number of dorm rooms is available upon request to the organizers. The price is from 28 to 47 Euro per night depending on furnishing.

Information for guests

Personal attendance is required at the daytime reception of the Dorms Administration to obtain a referral. The Administration is located in Sector «Į» (Russian letter for «B») of the University Main Building. You can enter Sector «Į» at the right wing of the building from Lebedev str. (look on the map). At the outer checkpoint, identify yourself as a participant of the conference “Molekulyarnaya Filogenetika” (= Molecular Phylogenetics), the securities will find you in the attendees list (please present your passport) and let you in.

Cross the small internal yard and enter the building. Once inside, go forth and take a couple of steps inside the hall, to the right you will find the entrance to the Administration. Proceed to room #5 to obtain further instructions on payment, etc.

The daytime reception working hours are 10:00 – 18:00. If you arrive at any other time, you will need to attend the night reception at room #1. It is located right at the entrance of the Administration area. If the door is closed, knock. Identify yourself as the conference attendee and ask for a temporal referral. Your room is likely to be in Sector “E” (look at the map): go back to the yard and turn left. Find the entrance, identify yourself to the guard, and find the administrator who will show you the room. The next day, you will be required to proceed to room #5 to accomplish formalities.

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«Universitetskaya» 3* Michurinskiy prospect, 8/29  
(website in Russian only) 

Accommodation cost:


Standard – 2000 RUB
Enhanced– 2900 RUB


Standard– 3600 RUB
Enhanced – 4500 RUB


Triple economy - 2700 RUB 


Suit 1-4 – 
from 6000 to 7000 š.

Booking price is 25% from the room’s one night cost. 
Breakfast and meal is not included and can be arranged according to the pricelist, all taxes are included.

Hotel address: 8/29, Michurinskiy prospect  

How to reach the hotel by public transport: 
The nearest metro station: "Universitet", take trolleybus ¹ 34 or buses ¹ 47, 67, 103, 130, 187, 260, 661 to get the stop called "Ploschad Indiry Gandi" (about 5 minutes). The hotel is located at the crossing of Michurinskiy prospect and Lomonosovskiy prospect and stands right opposite to the stop across the road. It is about 10 minutes walk to the University campus.

In room available:
TV with 18 on-air and 10 satellite channels (multilingual), telephone, bathroom, conditioner, mini bar, fridge.


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«Soyus MO RF» 3* Uniersitetskiy prospect, 12
(website in Russian only)


Standard single   
Single standard – 2900 RUB
Enhanced single  – 3700 RUB
Double suit
Suit - 4100 RUB
Enhanced suit – 6800 RUB
De Lux suit

Suit – 11500 RUB

Booking price is 15% from the room’s one night cost.
Breakfast is not included  (additional breakfast cost - 200 RUB), all taxes are included

Hotel address: 12, Universitetskiy prospect

How to reach the hotel by public transport:
The nearest metro station: Universitet  (Sokolnicheskaya line), from metro station you can take trolleybus #17, 34 or bus #119 to get the stop – “Mosfilmovskaya Ulitsa, 13”. Hotel Soyus is situated at the South-West of Moscow in the neighborhood with Embassies of several countries such as Bulgaria, Switzerland China and others; the film studio “Mosfilm” and the main building of Moscow State University.

In room available:
bathroom, conditioner, mini bar,
TV, telephone, hair-drier, fridge.



«Korston» 4* Kosygina street. 15


Standard rooms: single and double

1s.jpg 2s.jpg 3s.jpg 4s.jpg

Accommodation cost:

Single room - 8800 RUB
Double room - 9900 RUB
Weekend hotel rates:
 Single room - 6800 RUB
Double room - 9300 RUB

Hotel address: 15, Kosygina str.

How to reach the hotel by public transport:
The nearest metro station "Leninsky prospect", take trolleybuses ¹ 4, 33,7 to get the stop called 'Molodezhnaya".
The hotel complex "Orlyonok" represents a vast range of facilities including restaurant and bars, comfortable hotel rooms with international first class service. The complex also has extensive office space, independent station and high speed internet lines.

In room available:
bathroom, conditioner,
mini bar, TV, telephone,
hair-drier, fridge.

buffet table or a la carte



Accommodation cost:

Standard single

4700 RUB
Standard double

5560 RUB

8740 RUB

Hotel address: 38, Leninsky prospect

How to reach the hotel by public transport:
The nearest metro station: "Leninsky prospect", take any trolleybus to get the stop called "Transportnoe agentstvo"
The hotel is situated in Leninsky prospect, which is one of the city's main highways, close to the Moscow State University. Windows of hotel's upper floors provide a splendid panoramic view, dominated by Moscow State University and Central Stadium Luzhniki.

In room available:
bathroom, conditioner, mini bar,
TV, telephone, hair-drier, fridge.

buffet table.


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For booking requests, please contact the organizers.

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