2nd Moscow International Conference «Molecular Phylogenetics MolPhy-2» Moscow, 18-21 May 2010

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Secretary scientific

Leonid RUSIN

Department of Evolutionary Biochemistry
Belozersky Institute for Physicochemical Biology
Moscow State University
Vorobyevy Gory, Moscow19991, Russian Federation


Lab for mathematic methods and models in bioinformatics
Institute for Information Transmission Problems
Bolshoy Karetny per. 19, Moscow 127994, Russian Federation

Phone: +7-495-9391440, +7-495-9393193, +7-495-6998354 (ext. 149)
Fax: +7-495-9393181, +7-495-6500579
e-mail: committee@molphy.ru

Local Organizing Committee

Ms. Natalia Torzhkova
4 Kosygin Str., Moscow 119991, Russia
Tel./Fax +7-495-9397185
E-mail: molphy@conferencecenter.ru

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