2nd Moscow International Conference «Molecular Phylogenetics MolPhy-2» Moscow, 18-21 May 2010

Invited speakers

Vladimir V. ALEOSHIN – Belozersky Institute of Physicochemical Biology, MSU, Dept of Evolutionary Biochemistry

Lecture: «The origin of fungi and microspodiria»

Dmitry Y. SCHERBAKOV – Limnological Institute, Siberian Branch of the RAS, Laboratory of Molecular Systematics, Irkutsk

Lecture: «The kaleidoscope of invertebrate diversity of the Lake Baikal and its shaping factors»

Irina ARKHIPOVA – Josephine Bay Paul Center for Comparative Molecular Biology and Evolution, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, USA

Lecture: «Phylogenetic relationships in diverse superfamilies of eukaryotic transposable elements»

Vassily A. LYUBETSKY – Institute for Information Transmission Problems, RAS

Lecture: «Reconstruction of chromosome structures»

Natalia I. ABRAMSON – Zoological Institute, RAS, St Petersburg

Lecture: «Evolutionary history, phylogeny and systematics of voles and lemmings: contribution from molecular data»

Mikhail S. IGNATOV –  Central Botanical Garden, RAS  

Lecture: «Molecular phylogeny of bryophytes: what is done and what is still to be done?»

Boris F. VANYUSHIN – Belozersky Institute of Physicochemical Biology, MSU, Dept of Molecular Bases of Ontogenesis

Lecture: «Epigenetic mechanisms of gene regulation in plants»
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